Constructing an Exhibition in the Entrance Building of the Old Cemetery in Zeist

In the years prior to 2006, the gatehouse of the Oude Algemene Begraafplaats (Old General Cemetery) in Zeist, dating from 1829, was restored. The board wanted to establish a permanent exhibition in one of the two existing spaces of the gatehouse. The committee of the exhibitions of the Zeister Historisch Genootschap has been involved in compiling the content of the exhibition with the theme ‘Begraven in Zeist’ (burrying in Zeist). A spatial designer, Ivo Nellissen, recommended the selected area to go back to its original function as a funeral parlor. In partnership with a furniture designer, Paul Meijer, and a graphic designer, Yolanda Huntelaar ( the final exhibition was realized. Andy Smith contributed in the organization of this exhibition as well as in constructing the display.