Dismantling the 17th Century Doll House of Petronella de la Court and the Subsequent Reconstruction and Redecoration of the Doll House

Due to the renovation and the refurbishing of the Centraal Museum, all period rooms were dismantled in the Fall of 1996. In addition, the 17th century doll house of Petronella de la Court, had to be removed and placed in temporary storage. A project in a project, so to speak. The doll house contains approximately 1600 objects and 28 dolls that all had to be stored in a responsible manner. The smaller objects, most of which belonged to the household, were stored in hard plastic boxes without plasticisers. Larger objects, such as cupboards, tables, chairs, lecterns, etcetera, were fastened with cotton straps and pins on ethafoam and stored on flexible floors in boxes made of acid free cardboard. Every space was carefully documented and was mapped out on a floor plan. In combination with photographs, these floor plans proved to be of great help during the subsequent reconstruction and renovation. In the fall of 1999, everything was restored to its original condition.