Registration of Metadata with Relation to the Photo Collection

Military Museum Bronbeek in Arnhem has a large collection of photos. These individual photos and photo albums are mostly from the former Dutch colonies and virtually all were acquired through donations. In the past, these gifts were registered by date of entry, but the photos didn’t get an individual and unique number of registration. Before digitization, in order to make a collection accessible, a unique registration number had to be given. At Bronbeek these numbers were assigned long before numbering the photos physically. The idea was that the photos had to be tracked so that the right photos could be linked to the correct number. Therefore photos and photograph albums were filed and located on the basis of a description given at the moment of purchase and a number derived from the date of its entry. In many cases only a number and a registration date were known.

Iconoco started tracking the photos and registering its data entry. Photograph albums were measured and stored in acid free cardboard boxes that were exclusively made for this purpose.