Andy Smith, owner of Iconoco, began his career in Fine Arts, and has since become involved with museums and the care and maintenance of museum collections.

Over time, Andy has become familiar with the huge backlog in collection maintenance and retrieval, as well as the poor accessibility of these collections. Because of this, he has developed a special concern over photographic collections not only out of interest in the medium as an artistic expression, but first and foremost because of photography’s documentary historical value. Due to its fragility and the historical information it provides, the preservation, value, data and accessibility to these images are necessary to protect and secure, for many generations to come.

With the implementation of several major conservation and recording projects behind them, Iconoco has deepened its knowledge and expertise in conservation and in particular, image registration and the description of photographic collections material. Therefore, years of experience in this specialty has enabled Iconoco to offer collectors assistance in matters of preservation, description and registration of their photographic collections.